Couples Therapy London

Does your relationship need help. Relationship counselling is extremely powerful and not as daunting as you might think. It is not about who’s right and who’s wrong. It is about listening, understanding, open discussions that will help you achieve the outcome you choose. Sessions are confidential, safe and non-judgemental.

Building A Thriving Relationship

I launched my couples therapy London program 4 years ago and have experienced great success, transforming relationships of over 145 couples.

Sessions are conducted face to face or online and are a combination of individual and couple sessions. Sessions are adapted to address your specific issues. Though there are two people in the relationship, the couple is seen as a client together.

The outcome for the process is clear in its goal. Rebuilding a new and even stronger foundation of friendship, understanding and respect, emotional and physical connection, trust, and communication, which are all essential for your relationship to flourish. The process runs over 12 weeks.

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Deep sweep inside out

This is a big emotional clearance, identifying both emotional anchors and toxic behaviours. We work on creating an awareness of how these behaviours can erode your relationship over time if left unresolved. We look at individual triggers by revisiting your timeline and understanding past events.

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Map to me

In this valuable phase couple learn the language of love they speak as individuals and how they can create an even stronger solid connection implementing this strategy in a few easy steps. Couples are openly and honestly guided to discuss their values and and personal needs, while working on a strategy that will work for their relationship.

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Me You Us

Understanding why you as a couple connect and disconnect as individuals is a vital part of a successful relationship. Understanding the behaviours within your relationship that can damage your connection, and the behaviours that strengthen that bond. Understanding trust, betrayal and forgiveness and implementing these correctly into your relationship. We discuss intimacy, and your expectations of this in your relationship, strategically removing any issues in this area.

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Future focussed

This is the final phase where I help couples work on their own security plan, which enables you to feel a deep sense of safety and commitment. This is in a sense the phase where you can set up your own contract, boundaries, and goals for your future.

The Result

Couples therapy can be daunting, but the process is carefully designed to guide you and help you address issues that you are not used to discussing. The outcome depends on your commitment as a couple, however, I have experienced many transformations in couples that were close to separation at the beginning, and are now still happier than they ever were.

Couples that complete the 12 steps feel a sense of relief and clarity within themselves, with a new awareness of how behaviours can influence their relationship.

By knowing your partners love language, it makes getting what you need in the relationship a lot easier, which brings a sense of deep understanding and control, strengthening your bond with one another.

When the penny drops and the link between trust, betrayal and forgiveness becomes clear, couples can use the strategies naturally, which result in both parties feeling even closer, and intimacy automatically becomes a priority. Your relationship flourishes.

Having worked on your own plan to guarantee a sense of security and safety within the relationship, the stress and anxiety falls away, and you can enjoy one another while focussing on your future, feeling a newfound strength in your friendship and connection.

Happy Clients!

Will Booker
Will Booker
I can not recommend Tracy enough. Genuinely kind and caring. Never felt judged at all. Tracy really does care and wants to make a difference. She helped me out of a rut I got myself into when I thought there was no way out. Thank you Tracy.
Ruby Ad
Ruby Ad
Really helped me with my insecurities, I feel a lot more confident and comfortable with who I am now thanks to Tracy 🙂
Jemima Sant
Jemima Sant
Tracy is possibly the loveliest person that I have ever met! She makes the whole experience extremely comfortable right from the first session. I would highly recommend meeting with her, not only to learn techniques to help yourself, but to find out more about yourself along the way. It has really helped me deal with my anxiety in a way that I didn’t think I ever would. ❤️❤️
Gayleen Hodson
Gayleen Hodson
Tracy is a fountain of knowledge for those suffering with their mental health problems. In particular, she has given valuable advice on relationships and is the most comforting, safe space for those who needs it.
Hannah Jeffery
Hannah Jeffery
I reached out to Tracy when I noticed that our teenage son was struggling. As a parent it was hard to admit that our love and support was not enough, and we need professional help. Tracy put my mind at rest straight away from our initial phone call, and she began weekly sessions with Charlie straight away. Although initially apprehensive (as any teenager would be!), Charlie really enjoyed his sessions with Tracy, and we soon noticed positive changes in him....almost as though a weight had been lifted. He has learnt coping strategies that he will use for the rest of his life. I am so glad we reached out for Tracy's help, and will be eternally grateful to Tracy for helping Charlie.
Graham Crosbie
Graham Crosbie
Tracey was excellent support during a few tough occasions were I was struggling with my marriage collapsing she's is taughtful listens and is kind
Claire Meyer
Claire Meyer
I feel so grateful to have found Tracy Kimburg when I needed help, support and guidance the most. Tracy has a lovely, calm and supportive manner and helped me let go of past and present trauma in a safe way. She is a very intuitive therapist and always seemed to understand where I was in my journey which felt reassuring and safe. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to turn their lives around, find inner strength and confidence and help with finding your own way in life. I wish I had met Tracy in my teenage years! She’s amazing xx
Emma Conway-hyde
Emma Conway-hyde
Tracy was great and really got me to think in depth and let things go.
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor
I highly recommend Tracy! When i first started therapy i was sceptical that therapy was for me. She reassured me and helped my confidence grow. She made sure to take notes and listen to my problems without judgment. She always made me feel confortable and went above and beyond to help me create a postive mindset. She was honest and pushed me to focus on myself and look out for my own wellbeing. I have a new found confidence in myself and i can not thank you enough.
Tracy very kindly gave a Mental Health talk for New Look, on ways to cope with stress. Her explanations and tips were very helpful and useful, and applicable to current times we are living in and the working environment. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her, in organising the talk and look forward to working with her again soon. Thanks so much!

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