Teenagers (13-18) Therapy

Welcome to Tracy Kimberg’s Teen Therapy Services: Transforming Adolescence into a Positive Journey. Navigating the teenage years can be a challenging and bewildering experience, both for teenagers themselves and for parents who are seeking to provide them with the support they need. As a highly experienced and dedicated family therapist specialising in the age group of 13-18, I am here to guide your family through this crucial development phase. At Tracy Kimberg Therapy, every teenager possesses unique strengths and has the potential to flourish. My goal is to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space where your teenager can freely express themselves, explore their identity, and overcome any obstacles they may face.

I understand teenagers...

With my extensive experience in working with teenagers, I employ evidence-based therapeutic approaches tailored specifically to this age group. These include NLP, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based techniques, solution-focused therapy, positive psychology and family systems approaches. I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in teen therapy.
My commitment as a therapist is to create a warm, empathetic, and supportive environment for both parents and teenagers. I believe in collaborating closely with families, sharing valuable insights, and equipping you with the tools necessary to support your teenager’s growth and flourishing long after therapy has ended.
If you are seeking a highly skilled and compassionate therapist to help your teenager thrive during this transformative stage of life, I invite you to contact Tracy Kimberg Teen Therapy Services. Together, we can navigate the challenges and turn this chapter into a positive and empowering journey for your teenager and your entire family.

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Emotional Well-being:

  • Adolescence is a time of heightened emotions and significant emotional growth. We address common emotional challenges such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and anger management, fostering emotional resilience and helping teenagers develop healthy coping strategies.

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Peer Relationships:

  • Peer interactions are vital in shaping a teenager’s social development. I offer guidance and support to navigate issues such as peer pressure, bullying, social skills, and healthy relationship dynamics, empowering your teenager to build fulfilling and supportive connections.

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Academic Pressures:

  • Education can be a significant source of stress for teenagers. I work closely with them to develop effective study skills, time management techniques, and strategies to manage exam anxiety, ensuring they reach their academic potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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Family Dynamics:

  • As a family therapist, I believe that improving family dynamics is crucial for a teenager’s overall well-being. We address family conflicts, communication breakdowns, and offer strategies to foster a more harmonious and supportive family environment.

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Self-Identity and Future Planning:

  • Adolescence is a period of self-discovery and preparing for the future. We help teenagers explore their passions, interests, and values, assisting them in making informed decisions about education, career paths, and personal goals.

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Sense of Belonging:

  • Providing a sense of belonging to the teenager to feel heard and understood.
  • Offering tools to navigate the challenges when feelings of being lost are felt.

The Result

I have been astounded by the results when pre-teens, teens and young adults have a visible transformation after completing the 12 steps.

Finally asserting themselves with a newfound clarity of how thoughts work.

The calmness that accompanies emotional understanding takes away the anxiety that seemingly drained their happiness, now having coping skills and strategies to better manage emotions. Suddenly the past has a different meaning and there is excitement about the promise of a future filled with love, happiness, and success.

Emotional intelligence takes lifelong commitment and learning, and with a strong foundation, commitment to keep growing and a deep understanding of empathy, respect and healthy relationships, this program is a toolkit that each person can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Happy Clients!

Will Booker
Will Booker
I can not recommend Tracy enough. Genuinely kind and caring. Never felt judged at all. Tracy really does care and wants to make a difference. She helped me out of a rut I got myself into when I thought there was no way out. Thank you Tracy.
Ruby Ad
Ruby Ad
Really helped me with my insecurities, I feel a lot more confident and comfortable with who I am now thanks to Tracy 🙂
Jemima Sant
Jemima Sant
Tracy is possibly the loveliest person that I have ever met! She makes the whole experience extremely comfortable right from the first session. I would highly recommend meeting with her, not only to learn techniques to help yourself, but to find out more about yourself along the way. It has really helped me deal with my anxiety in a way that I didn’t think I ever would. ❤️❤️
Gayleen Hodson
Gayleen Hodson
Tracy is a fountain of knowledge for those suffering with their mental health problems. In particular, she has given valuable advice on relationships and is the most comforting, safe space for those who needs it.
Hannah Jeffery
Hannah Jeffery
I reached out to Tracy when I noticed that our teenage son was struggling. As a parent it was hard to admit that our love and support was not enough, and we need professional help. Tracy put my mind at rest straight away from our initial phone call, and she began weekly sessions with Charlie straight away. Although initially apprehensive (as any teenager would be!), Charlie really enjoyed his sessions with Tracy, and we soon noticed positive changes in him....almost as though a weight had been lifted. He has learnt coping strategies that he will use for the rest of his life. I am so glad we reached out for Tracy's help, and will be eternally grateful to Tracy for helping Charlie.
Graham Crosbie
Graham Crosbie
Tracey was excellent support during a few tough occasions were I was struggling with my marriage collapsing she's is taughtful listens and is kind
Claire Meyer
Claire Meyer
I feel so grateful to have found Tracy Kimburg when I needed help, support and guidance the most. Tracy has a lovely, calm and supportive manner and helped me let go of past and present trauma in a safe way. She is a very intuitive therapist and always seemed to understand where I was in my journey which felt reassuring and safe. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to turn their lives around, find inner strength and confidence and help with finding your own way in life. I wish I had met Tracy in my teenage years! She’s amazing xx
Emma Conway-hyde
Emma Conway-hyde
Tracy was great and really got me to think in depth and let things go.
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor
I highly recommend Tracy! When i first started therapy i was sceptical that therapy was for me. She reassured me and helped my confidence grow. She made sure to take notes and listen to my problems without judgment. She always made me feel confortable and went above and beyond to help me create a postive mindset. She was honest and pushed me to focus on myself and look out for my own wellbeing. I have a new found confidence in myself and i can not thank you enough.
Tracy very kindly gave a Mental Health talk for New Look, on ways to cope with stress. Her explanations and tips were very helpful and useful, and applicable to current times we are living in and the working environment. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her, in organising the talk and look forward to working with her again soon. Thanks so much!

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