How has COVID-19 affected our mental well-being?

2020 has been a turbulent year for many. We have all been in the same storm, but in different boats. It is only natural that coming out of this, many of us will be finding that our mental health has taken a battering, both in our personal and work lives. This article will explore more on what impact COVID 19 may have had on our mental health.

Our Personal Lives

There are many ways in which the pandemic may have affected our mental health. When it comes to our personal lives, we may have changed some behaviours.   • OCD tendencies. Some people may have adopted OCD behaviours due to the worry and fear of catching the disease. The pressure to wash our hands more, as well as ensuring surfaces and things we touch have been sterilised. It’s no wonder that going forward there will be a surge in OCD tendencies as our mind is being trained to be wary of germs surrounding us. Whilst this has been important during the pandemic, what affect will this have in the long-term future when the threat of COVID 19 is no longer as high?

The feeling of isolation

During the lockdown, we were forced into our homes and away from the company of those we loved dearly. Although technology, thankfully, gave us a way to connect still… it wasn’t the same. Coming out of lockdown, we are almost more fearful than we were going in. Fearful to meet people, to be as close as we once were. All for good reason, of course, but where will this lead in the future? Already we have many cases of people feeling utterly isolated… having not had that chance to connect in person and open up about their emotions.

Losing that human touch

Having got so used to not being close to each other, or able to hug our friends or family. With no end in sight for this becoming normal again, or indeed safe, we must also consider the impact this will have in the long run. Will we lose that human touch, connection? A hug had such power in making someone feel ok again. In a world without hugs, how will we replace the warmth we feel when arms wrap around us?

• An increase on the reliance of technology. Technology has really been incredible during the lockdown. It gave us a way to continue working, connecting with family and friends and to not feel so alone. But before the pandemic, it could be argued that technology was being overused, and not enough people were getting out into the fresh air. Now we have been driven by the virus into the clutches of technology. Many may have become more reliant on its use, some may have become so absorbed into the virtual world, it’s hard to find a way out.

A divide between those in different circumstances

We have all been in the same storm but battling against it in different boats. We may feel we can’t possibly open up about how we are feeling, through fear of being judged by someone who has been in a different position to us. The bottling of these feelings will end up creating a divide between those in the different circumstances, as the reality sets in that you may not be understood.

Our Work Lives

When it comes to work, people are in such different situations and circumstances.

Here are a few things that could be troubling within our working lives;

The uncertainty of your job

For some businesses, the pandemic may have brought about the instability of business. It could be that there are cuts to be made within the workforce, which will of course cause anxiety over job security for those in this position. If you are still awaiting your return from being furloughed, it is understandable that you will be worried about your job.

Returning to work

For others, the return to work may be what is causing a great deal of worry and anxiety. Each workplace has had to bring in new ways of working, as well as ensuring they are enforcing guidelines to keep everyone safe. If you are returning to work, you may be anxious about the new rules and way the business is going to be running. You may also have really enjoyed time at home, and now feel disheartened about returning to a job which perhaps doesn’t satisfy you. Returning to work will be hard to manoeuvre both with the rules and your emotions.

Working from home

This can be difficult, as feelings of isolation and being cut off from the rest of the team may take over. It can also be harder to motivate yourself when you’re working from home.

There are many thoughts and feelings which may come into play when you’re having to deal with work. Employees are having to put their trust in the management and hope that their mental health is considered when decisions are made.

COVID 19 certainly has made an impact on mental health

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that will be cured overnight either, we will have longstanding issues going forward and will have to carefully navigate the months ahead.

Seeking the right help and support is crucial in getting your mental health and wellbeing back on track

As a therapist, I can help individuals who are struggling with mental health issues currently. You can see more about the therapies I provide here.  

I am also passionate about educating the workplace about mental health. By being informed, management is able to really think about the impact their words and decisions has on their employees and can find a kinder, better way of dealing with issues. I think this is incredibly important, especially now.

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