How You Can Achieve the Right Mindset in 2021

Your mindset is a powerful thing. If mistreated, it can create negative thoughts and feelings. This may leave you unhappy and full of anxiety or depressive feelings. Last year was a challenging year, but it’s in the past now so we need to try our best to stop dwelling on it. Despite its rocky start, this year isn’t doomed. Below I will explore how you can achieve the right mindset in 2021.


Have you ever practised mindfulness before? Mindfulness helps you to move on from the past and to not fret about the future. Mindfulness is all about being in the here and now. 2020 is over, it’s time to let go of the negative feelings associated with it. Don’t dwell on the hard times you were faced with, instead it’s all about taking the lessons we learnt with us and using them now.

Also, don’t rush too far ahead. It’s easy to think ‘this year is doomed too’, but no one knows what the future holds. Life is what you make it. Don’t fret about what’s to come, focus on the present. If you haven’t yet looked into mindfulness, it is a great tool for a healthy mindset.

Show up for 2021

This year can be a great year for you. You need to start creating your own happiness. What can you do today for yourself? If you need some ideas on how to re-fill your cup and take time out for self-care, then head over to my blog here.

Get a better sleep routine this year. That means going to bed earlier, switch off technology at least an hour beforehand. Then wake up earlier each day, learn to seize the day! Start the day hydrating yourself with some water and then begin with an exercise you enjoy. This could be HIT training, yoga, Pilates or a run. Start your day the right way.

Don’t forget to eat nutritiously. It’s important to fuel your body with the right foods. The right foods have an incredible effect on your body. If you eat too much junk food, you will end up feeling sluggish. This won’t motivate you to take on 2021 with passion and drive. But healthy food will. It will make your body feel fantastic, giving you that energy needed to show up for 2021.

Set future goals

Is this the year you embark on a new venture in your life? That could be a new course, you are never too old to start. There are so many brilliant online training platforms now, from baking to something more academic. You will be able to find a course that sparks your interest and gives you something positive to focus on. It could be that you just want to advance on the skill sets you already have.

Think about your morals, values and goals. What can you fill your life with that will help keep you true to these? It’s time to quit the bad habits that work against these and cultivate new ones. This could be to take up meditation.

Life is what you make it

Are you are feeling stuck in a rut? If boredom is taking over and you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through social media constantly, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a hobby. This could be pottery, painting, cooking or running.

Think about what will help your mindset, sometimes hobbies that are creative become a great escapism. After a picture has been painted, hours have been spent with the brain focusing on something other than life’s worries, plus there is an end masterpiece to be proud of. Something more physical helps not only your brain to stay healthy, but it also helps you to stay physically healthy too.

Why not make yourself some to-do lists? Have a list each day that helps you achieve something in the house, in work or studies and a self-care achievement too. This could be to hoover, to study or complete a level of work, and then to go on a run, walk or have a bath. Each day you are setting yourself small, accomplishable tasks to achieve that will serve purpose in your day.

You can also add in tasks that help you to achieve a bigger goal. Want to book a holiday? Use savings as a goal, and also keep looking online at the holidays. Set a date in your diary to book one.

Seek help if you need

Reading can be great when it comes to ensuring you have a positive mindset. There are some great books out there that focus on different elements of mindset, from mindfulness to self-improvement.

It is also important to surround yourself with people who make you feel good and inspire you. What qualities do you want to see in yourself? Surround yourself with those people. Avoid negative, or toxic people in your life. This year has no room for them. Instead, learn to deal with difficult people so that they don’t drain your energies, and learn from the good friends around you.

Fear stumps personal growth, and it can be a massive hurdle for you this year if you let it take over. Why not book in to have a conversation with me to see if we can help you overcome your fear so that you can make this year better? Often seeking help is stepping out of your comfort zone, however it is vital to do this in order to grow and seek a better life for yourself.

2021 isn’t doomed

In fact, it has great potential if you let it. Follow my advice above and see how your mindset can change to a more positive one for 2021. Seeking help by a trained professional can also ensure that you have guidance to ensure you are on a healthier, happier pathway ahead.

If you would like to listen to my Waves of Clarity Podcast, I have a fantastic one that will really help to get you into a great mindset for 2021. Featuring a free hypnotherapy session, you can access the podcast on Spotify here. 

Get in touch with me, Tracy Kimberg, if you want guidance this year.

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